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About us

Empowered to win, she is an overcomer. Entrepreneur, Designer, Actress, Writer, and single mother of 3.  
Lynedra Re’nee, a Chicago native has seen many trials in her life, but she didn't let them stop her from pursuing her dreams. Her determination to leave a legacy to her daughters lead her to start her first legit business in 2007 at the age of 30. After writing the vision for STAR Souls Custom Apparel & Designs several years prior, it had finally come to pass. She spent most of years as a little girl drawing images of women’s fashion and in the mirror acting out several characters at a time.
Today she is now the proud owner of a successful apparel business, which also includes her most recent vision PBG PRETTY BLACK GIRL collection and Garments Of Power inspirational clothing. Now with focus on her own custom couture and Crazy Cut fashion, Lynedra has plans to take her businesses international. Creating personal experiences for her very large clientele base. Her goal is to have her brands sold in major department stores and boutiques all across the world. Her testimony of life has given a passion to inspire others to walk by faith and not by sight.
Lynedra has several gifts talents and abilities which also include the arts of theatre.
She enjoys expressing herself through writing as well as acting and directing.
As a dedicated team member of Tyrone Tappler productions, Lynedra has had the opportunity to exercise her passion in all of these areas.
Lynedra's favorite quote to self is "the vision is endless", which fuels her to keep striving towards endless possibilities of success.


Custom orders with designs including letters and or numbers only can be produced in a minimum quantity of one item only


Logos and or designs including detailed images will only be processed in minimum of 12 items same design. 


High resolution traceable artwork will be required in vector digital format in order to duplicate a trademarked design.


If you can not provide your own design our artist can assist you with creating a custom design to accommodate your custom apparel order.

These services will require a designers fee which can range from $25- $100 which will be determined by the detailing of the design.


Our Designers fee is a separate and a non associated fee to any required setup cost.


All silk screen orders will require a minimum of 12 items same colors same design.


Bulk order wholesale rates are available in quantities of 20 or more of the same color same design.


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