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Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party[b] is a party video game developed by NDcube and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The eleventh main entry in the Mario Party series, the game was described as a "complete refresh" of the franchise, bringing back and revitalizing gameplay elements from older titles while also introducing new ones to go along with them. It was released worldwide on 5 October 2018 and sold 1.5 million copies by the end of the month. As of December 31, 2022, the game has sold more than 18.79 million copies worldwide, making it one of the top ten best-selling games on the system. Mario Party Superstars, a game featuring maps remastered from earlier entries and a return to the original formula, was released in 2021.

Super Mario Party

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Toad, and Toadette are standing around, with each of the playable characters claiming that they should be the "Super Star". Mario suggests that they have a party to determine who the "Super Star" will be, which the group agrees to, with Toad and Toadette being judges. Suddenly, Bowser appears with Bowser Jr., Goomba, Boo, Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bro, Shy Guy, Monty Mole, Pom Pom, and Dry Bones, and says that he or one of his minions could also be the "Super Star". To ensure that the judging is "fair" and "impartial", he summons Kamek to judge alongside Toad and Toadette. Kamek then creates a venue for the party.

There are five collectible Gems in the game. When all 4 boards in Mario Party mode are completed, the Gem of Tenacity is awarded. Similarly, the Gem of Spirit is awarded when the Hard difficulty in Sound Stage is completed; the Gem of Courage is awarded upon sailing every branch in River Survival; when all the stages in Partner Party are cleared, the Gem of Love is awarded; and when every Challenge Road stage is cleared, the Gem of Passion is awarded. When all five gems are collected, they fuse together to create the victory podium, which the newly crowned "Super Star" stands on. The partygoers, even including Bowser and Bowser Jr., agree to get along, at least until the "next party".

Players are first introduced to the Party Plaza, a hub where players can roam to various interest points, hosted by Toads of various colors. Players can explore the hub with a party of four characters, which serve as the characters participating for all modes. If players do not have enough human players, they are filled with a recommendation of a random selection of CPU players and their difficulty. Players can change the number of systems used, number of players playing, which characters are controlled by humans or CPUs plus their difficulty level by talking to Blue Toad at the gate of the Party Plaza.

Super Mario Party has been met with generally positive reviews, garnering an average of 76 based off 84 reviews on Metacritic[15] and a 74.35% based off 36 reviews on GameRankings[16], notably receiving more praise than most Mario Party games in the series, being second only to the original Mario Party title for the Nintendo 64. Critics have generally praised the return to the original method of playing the game's main mode, blended with elements new to the series, as well as the amount of minigames and modes, in addition to the party experience with multiple players. Critics have compared the game favorably to the recent past installments of the Mario Party series. Much of the criticism has been directed at the number of boards, the board design, CPU intelligence, the single-player experience, and the online implementation.

Samuel Claiborn of IGN scored Super Mario Party a 7.3/10,[19] calling the game, "the best Party in two [home] console generations." He has praised the game for a perceived sense of being competitive, strategic, and fun, especially in Partner Party. However, Claiborn has cited the other modes not Mario Party or Partner Party as "filler", preferring the focus on the aforementioned two modes. He has also called the amount of boards lacking and that "Parties will get stale fast" due to what was considered a low number of boards and their believed simplicity, comparing unfavorably to Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 6. Claiborn has also described motion controls and the Joy-Con-exclusive functionality as troublesome, but not "as bad as the worst Wii-era games." Additionally, Claiborn has described the Switch functionality to interact with another console as cramped and "not put to great use". The amount of minigames have been praised, as well as the stated attention to detail in the minigames. He ended his review with the statement, "Super Mario Party delivers the couch multiplayer experience the series is famous for with an awesome new layer of strategy, 80 mostly-great minigames, and the quirky tech of the Switch controllers to keep things feeling fresh. The downside is that with the Switch's controllers come some annoyances that make getting people settled onto your couch a bit more of a hassle than previous parties, and the best games are prone to annoying random upsets. But it's far better paced than recent games and Super Mario Party reset my expectations of the series with its graphics and gameplay creativity." Stefan L. of TheSixthAxis has given the game a 6/10,[20] criticizing an apparently 'safe' approach to gameplay, the online implementation, the lack of single-player handheld mode compatibility, the amount of boards, and the amount of minigames for some modes, while praising the return to the original style of play, the strategy of character die, Toad's Rec Room minigames, and the HD Rumble tune. Stephan has noted that the content is "spread wide, but it's not very deep", and also noted that the available boards are not engaging. Stephan has criticized the game's AI, calling them "dumber than a sack of bricks at crucial moments." In the conclusion, he stated that "Super Mario Party is just a very safe game. It brings back the classic Mario Party board game form, marrying it with some of the better ideas from Mario Party: Star Rush, but it's light on the number of boards to play, lacks depth in other game modes, and misses opportunities for solo handheld and online multiplayer. It's Mario Party, but it's not particularly super."

Despite the mostly solid quality of Party mode and Partner Rally, both risk losing their charm when playing Super Mario Party regularly. After playing one of boards four times, it lost its luster quick. It may be fun to go to a party once a week or so, but too much partying can lead to headaches from boredom.

When it comes to the actual mini-games in Super Mario Party, there's a wide selection of 80 brand new games that utilize all sorts of intuitive controller configurations whether you're using button or motion controls. Speaking of which, the motion controls work very well and the ability to high-five your party mates for bonus coins in cooperative mini-games is always adorable. On top of all this, there are a handful of bonus mini-games that are a bit more substantial such as Mini League Baseball and the tank combat game Shell Shocked Deluxe. After all is said and done, I'd say that variety is the name of the game in Super Mario Party which is why I love it. ?

Meanwhile, the mini-games are wonderful although Mario Party: The Top 100 for 3DS attempted the same concept a few years prior so it isn't all that fresh. With that in mind, Mario Party Superstars only includes about half of the same games that were in The Top 100 and replaces the rest with other fan favourites. Considering I've been enjoying the Mario Party series for about 2 decades, many of these games felt very familiar which is comforting at times and at others, it can become a tad stale. Of course, if you haven't played as much Mario Party as I have then I'm sure the mini-games will have much more longevity. Plus, the handful of substantial sports and puzzle mini-games can be super-fun on their own. Overall, Mario Party Superstars is a great collection, especially for series newcomers. ?

I feel that Super Mario Party is still a fresh and exciting party game even a few years after its debut. With a huge cast of playable characters, a ton of unique mini-games, super-fun modes, and motion controls that actually work impressively well; it has a lot going for it. That being said, Mario Party Superstars is an excellent game as well that acts as a fantastic best-of collection. Whichever one you prefer, there's no denying that both are worth booting up at any gaming get-together. Party on! ?

Parents need to know that Super Mario Party is a party game for one to four players, available on the Nintendo Switch. Players compete with and against each other in a variety of short mini-games in both offline and online play. The mini-games are designed to be simple to pick up and play by people of any age and skill level. The focus is on competition, but in a fun and entertaining way that doesn't push winning so much as simply enjoying the fun with friends. There's some minor violence in a handful of the mini-games, though it's cartoonish and slapstick in nature. The game also features support for Nintendo's amiibo figures, which can unlock additional content, such as stickers and music.

It's party time once again in the Mushroom Kingdom, and this time around it isn't just any ol' Mario Party ... it's a SUPER MARIO PARTY. Gather your friends and get ready for a brand-new round of mini-game fun as Nintendo's hit party game franchise makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, it's not a party if no one shows up, so Mario is bringing along more than a few friends, with a roster of 20 different characters to choose from, including some returning favorites and a few brand-new additions to the guest list. Got a friend with a Switch? Invite them to Toad's Rec Room to join in the fun with unique tabletop games that make use of both Switch screens at once. Amiibo support adds a few extra party favors to the mix, and online multiplayer support means your friends can join the party even if they're not close by. There ain't no party like a Super Mario Party, and with more than 80 different mini-games to play, this Super Mario Party won't stop. 041b061a72


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