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Criminal Justice (5th Edition) Books Pdf File

Criminal Law in Canada: An Introduction to the Theoretical Social and Legal Contexts, Fifth Edition provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of criminal law and combines commentary by the authors with excerpts from cases, government reports, and extensive secondary material, including newspaper reports and articles. The book fills a gap between books that adopt standard black letter approaches to criminal law and those that focus exclusively on the social aspects of criminal law. While critically examining the traditional approach to criminal law found in the Criminal Code and the common law, this text explores the historical, theoretical, sociological, and political contexts of the criminal law and its administration. The fifth edition contains the analysis of important statutory, case law, and related developments that have emerged since the last edition.

Criminal Justice (5th Edition) books pdf file

I found very few (if any) errors in this textbook. I am a licensed attorney and have been so disappointed in the past with other textbooks with inaccurate information and just a plain misunderstanding of how the law works. It is clear to me that the author of this textbook is an attorney --- which is how it should be. Too often I find that Criminal Law textbooks are written by non-attorneys which makes little to no sense. Sure, non-attorneys can write about Criminal Justice in general and certain specific topics, but I think the matter of law (especially constitutional and criminal law) should be left to those actually trained in the interpretation and practice of the law.

I wouldn't adopt this textbook for a college course. As it reads more like a superficial study guide, it maybe more appropriate for high school readers. My general impression is that it doesn't effectively equip students with the requisite knowledge they should have having taken a criminal law class. Everything in it seems pretty "dumbed down." I hate to say that, but that's really my overall impression. The subject matter is just not done justice (pun intended).

The information has a mixed of old and new content indicative of various criminal law books. Different types of dated content are necessary to understand application of law and diverse decisions by judicial bodies.

It's hard to write a textbook about any legal topic that would be appropriate for undergraduates. from my experience, most existing textbooks are either too detailed (for law students) or too simplistic (almost as if thety're written for high school students). This book strikes the right balance. It's as good as any other text on criminal law that I've encountered so far.


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