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[S2E8] Life Goes On

  • In the weeks after Corey's death, Spencer mulls his decision to continue playing football, as Darnell states his decision to move back with his mother overseas. Meanwhile, Simone tells Jordan a secret about the baby, Olivia helps Asher find out the truth about why his mother left, Layla confronts issues that she has been running away from all this time, and Coop readies for her first live show.Tropes featured in this episode: Anguished Declaration of Love: Asher gives one to Olivia.

  • Bungled Suicide: Layla almost commits suicide by not stepping on the brake pedal while speeding into a cliff, but she ultimately does it at the last second.

  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with Coop being confronted by Tyrone, apparently having broken free from prison.

  • Driven to Suicide: Layla thinks that the car accident her mother was involved in was actually suicide. In the accident scene, it was reported that there were no tire marks, meaning her mother did not brake the car.

  • Due to the Dead: Spencer is seen visiting Corey's grave twice, the second time burying his state championship ring into the grave.

  • Give the Baby a Father: Simone's child is not actually Jordan's. She went to him and lied about it because the father is a man she does not wish to associate again, she wants to give the baby a father, and Jordan is the best choice she can think of.

  • Green-Eyed Monster: Coop is jealous of Patience being eyed by J.P. that she didn't tell her about the fact that he wanted to meet her. Eventually, she learns from this mistake and allows her to join in her live show.

  • Happy Ending Override: Turns out the previous episode's therapy only convinces Laura that she has to move on with her love life. She gives Billy separation papers to sign, as they need to separate for a year before divorce can proceed.

  • I Choose to Stay: Darnell eventually decides to accept Grace's offer to live in the James' house.

  • I Was Young and Needed the Money: Gwen states this as the reason why she turned into prostitution many years ago.

  • Just Friends: Despite Olivia having stated that she wants her relationship with Asher to stay this, he does not want to be just friends with her.

  • Let's Duet: Coop's show evolves to this, as she decides not to push Patience away, but instead invite her to be her partner.

  • Son of a Whore: Gwen, Asher's mother, was an escort twenty years ago, and Harold was one of her clients.

  • Wham Episode: Spencer quits football, as it brings too much painful memories about his father, so he can move to other things.

[S2E8] Life Goes On

In a short 21-second promo, the family goes for the funeral and performs the last rites. Layla comes to meet Spencer and she confesses how she has questions about her mom's death. "What if my mom killed herself?" she asks. Spencer tells her, "There's no way to know."

As it might be the last glimpse of the series before it goes for a short winter break, there may be more surprises and shocks in the episode. Avi Youbian directed the episode and was written by John A. Norris and Laura Nava. The fall finale will air on Monday, December 2 at 8 pm ET on The CW.

Later in that episode, Ray Carling reveals that Sam continued to serve with him, Gene and Chris in the Manchester Police (which their former Manchester and Salford Police became through a 1974 merger) until 1980 when, in pursuit of robbery suspects, Sam crashed his car into a river. He is presumed dead, although his body was never recovered. A distraught and divorced Gene transfers to the Metropolitan Police Service in London, bringing Ray and Chris along. Newspaper articles covering Sam's death and praising his life hang on the wall of Gene's office in London.

Fortunately, Sharon is OK despite a concussion, and it turns out that while she was woozy, she left a bunch of messages for Ted, which get him to the hospital in time to take her home. She's uncomfortable having him in her personal life, but after he calls to check on her regularly, she eventually at least tells him that she was scared when she got hurt. We also get a peek at Sharon's depressing apartment (corporate housing during her assignment to Richmond), and we find that while it doesn't have a lot in it, it has a lot of ... bottles.

Elsewhere, Jamie is reluctantly getting game tickets for his father and his two buddies, who will be rooting for Man City in their game against Richmond. (So yes, Jamie's father forces his son to get him tickets so he can root against him.) When the game against Man City is a slaughter with Richmond on the losing side, Jamie's gleeful dad makes his way down to the locker room to taunt and harass Jamie and his stung teammates. Having endured all he can, and after giving his father a number of chances to retreat peacefully, Jamie punches him in the face. Coach Beard efficiently removes Jamie's dad. As everyone stands around in the awkward silence, wondering what to do, an introspective Roy, fresh off spending a lot of time thinking about how he influences others, goes over and hugs Jamie.

Again, I think because it's serialized, that scene works better than it ever could have in an episodic show. Jamie's stuff with his father goes back to last season, when we learned that his father was (at the very least) verbally abusive and probably always had been. And as hard as it was for Jamie to come back to Richmond after tanking his relationship with his father's team out of spite, the hardest nut for him to crack has been Roy. He wanted Roy's help, and he wanted Roy's approval.

Mulder returns to his apartment, re-reading the file on Duane Barry and Scully's kidnapping on the table. He is later lying in the darkness, watching pornography, with a look of despair written across his face. The phone rings and an unknown caller informs Mulder that Scully is in Northeast Georgetown Medical Center, Washington, D.C.. Mulder speeds over to the hospital, barges down the hallways and, despite a nurse trying to stop him, bursts through the ward doors, where he finds Scully in a coma, in critical condition and on life support, as Margaret is watching Dana. Mulder snaps, demanding to know how she got into the hospital and who brought her there. He approaches a Dr. Daly and angrily asks to see the admission forms. Mulder is dragged out of the ward, threateningly screaming at Daly, worried the doctor is involved with "them" and swearing he will find out what "they" did to Scully.

In a private room later, Mulder, Margaret and Dr. Daly are speaking about Scully's condition. Daly comments she is listed in critical condition, with total unawareness of self, and does not respond to external stimuli. The doctor states no-one at the hospital knows anything about Scully's arrival and admits that, because there is no recent medical history about her, he is totally at a loss regarding how to treat Scully. He can't determine why and how long she's been in this state. Mulder wants her tested for trace evidence but Daly says she's already been bathed and cleaned. Daly then mentions that Scully has very specific living terms in her will and is very clear on life support. Mulder, who signed the will as her witness, says Scully does not want to live in this condition.

In a white-lit void, Scully is lying on a wooden table, wearing a white dress. Her father, William Scully, emerges and tells "Starbuck" about how people repeatedly talked to him concerning the shortness of life and how children grow up fast. He never listened, however, until he realized he would never again see her, his little girl. He also declares their time to be reunited has not yet come. As he disappears, Nurse Owens returns. Echoing William Scully's sentiments, Owens says that, despite death being close to Dana tonight, her time is not over.

Melissa and Mulder are speaking in the hospital cafeteria about how Mulder could spend his life hunting down who did this to Scully and it still won't bring her back. She tells him that whoever did it has an equal horror coming to them. A woman then approaches and asks Mulder if he has change for the cigarette machine, to which he replies that he doesn't. As Melissa is about to further question Mulder regarding what he thinks about Dana, the woman points out that there's a pack of Morley cigarettes already in the machine, not her brand. Realizing what is going on, Mulder examines the cellophane-sealed packet and finds a slip of paper with an address inside.

"Hello, Starbuck. It's Ahab. People would say to me, 'Life is short. Kids, they grow up fast, and, before you know it, it's over.' I never listened. For me, life went at a proper pace. There were many rewards, until the moment that I knew, I understood that I would never see you again, my little girl. Then my life felt as if it had been the length of one breath, one heartbeat. I never knew how much I loved my daughter until I could never tell her. At that moment, I would have traded every medal, every commendation, every promotion for one more second with you. We'll be together again, Starbuck. But not now. Soon."

Simon surprises Bree at the bookstore and lets it slip out that Jess kissed David. Judging from her reaction, Simon guesses that Bree has feelings for David. She admits she once did, but gifted him to her sister, instead. She also goes into detail of how her mother believes Bree always sabotages herself when it comes to relationships. Simon reveals that he and his family have a similar relationship, especially when it comes to meddling in his love life.

Trace and Abby are warming up at the campfire and talking about the past. Trace tells her that they should have no regrets because life brought them to where they are now. He then picks her up and slow dances with her under the moonlight.

At the bookstore, Bree gives Simon a sample of her writing for him to read. She also tells Simon she is terrified of criticism but appreciates him taking the time to give it. When Simon goes in for a kiss, Bree kisses him back. 041b061a72


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