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The Incredible Shrinking Dude 4 28

None of these factors has anything to do with long-term economic viability. In a shrinking real economy and an increasingly uncertain world, their importance as a basis for short-term stopgaps is also debatable, especially when they form the basis for multi-billion dollar plans to remake core cities at the expense of regions that already produce tradable products.

The Incredible Shrinking Dude 4 28


While Louise is below, Scott is enveloped in a cloud that leaves him covered in moisture. The cloud is first seen as a tiny drawing during the opening credits, which also show a silhouetted man shrinking next to the oversized words. We never find out where this mist came from, but later suggestions are that it is radioactive.

Medical tests are carried out. A doctor tries to argue that his height may have been incorrectly measured in the past, but further shrinking soon blows this theory out of the water, and experts are baffled. They identify the symptoms, but not the cause, and manage to hold the decreasing process when Scott has shrunk to thirty-six-and-a-half inches.

Scott might have gone further, and warned her that the shape of his thinking would change too. As he becomes more angry and frustrated with his condition, his demands on Louise become more tyrannical. She finds it hard to look at him. Even when his shrinking is halted, he turns his face away from her.

For now, Clarice provides Scott with two weeks of comfort until an awful day arrives. He meets Clarice in the park, and as he stands up, he realises that she is now taller than him. The shrinking has begun again, and he flees from his new-found friend.

Scoff at the name if you will, but Doll Man, the first shrinking super hero, was created by Will Eisner so that automatically makes him awesome. Doll Man was secretly chemist Darrel Dane. When Dane created a formula that allowed him to shrink down to doll height while retaining his original strength, he decided to use his newfound abilities to help fight blackmailers and crooks.

Elasti-Girl (not the one from The Incredibles, the other one) is one of the many shrinking heroes who also have the ability to grow really big. Rita Farr was once a leading Hollywood starlet who, when exposed to volcanic gases, was able to control her size. Farr could grow to hundreds of feet tall to a few inches high. This power ended her Hollywood career but it made Farr an outcast super hero as a member of the Doom Patrol.


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