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Nokku Varmam In Tamil Pdf Download

Nokku Varmam In Tamil Pdf Download

Nokku Varmam is a form of martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is also known as Nokku Vidya, Nokku Marma, or Nokku Varmakalai. Nokku Varmam literally means "the art of looking". It is said that the practitioners of this art can manipulate the vital points of the human body by using their eyesight alone. They can heal or harm a person without touching them, or even from a distance. Nokku Varmam is considered to be one of the highest and most secretive levels of knowledge in varmakalai training.


Nokku Varmam is based on the concept of varmam, which are the vital points or energy centers of the human body. There are 108 varmam points in total, and each one has a specific function and effect on the body. By stimulating or blocking these points, one can achieve various results, such as curing diseases, enhancing physical and mental abilities, or causing pain and death. Nokku Varmam is the art of accessing these points by using the power of the mind and the eyes. The practitioners of this art are said to have developed a special vision that allows them to see the varmam points and their energy flow. They can then use their gaze to influence these points and affect the person's health and well-being.

Nokku Varmam is a very rare and secretive art that is not taught to everyone. Only a few masters have mastered this art and passed it on to their chosen disciples. It is believed that this art was originally taught by the siddhars, who were the ancient mystics and yogis of Tamil Nadu. They had attained various supernatural powers and abilities through their spiritual practices and knowledge. Some of the famous siddhars who were known to practice Nokku Varmam are Agastya, Bogar, Thirumoolar, and Sivavakkiyar.

Nokku Varmam is not only a martial art, but also a healing art. It can be used to cure various ailments and disorders by restoring the balance of the varmam points and the energy flow in the body. It can also be used to enhance one's physical and mental capabilities, such as memory, intelligence, concentration, intuition, creativity, etc. However, Nokku Varmam can also be used for harmful purposes, such as causing pain, paralysis, coma, or death by blocking or damaging the varmam points and the energy flow in the body. Therefore, Nokku Varmam is a very powerful and dangerous art that requires a high level of ethics and responsibility from its practitioners.

If you are interested in learning more about Nokku Varmam and its secrets, you might be looking for some books or pdfs that can teach you this art. However, you might be disappointed to find out that there are very few books or pdfs available on this topic. This is because Nokku Varmam is not something that can be learned from books or pdfs alone. It requires a direct transmission from a qualified master who can guide you through the process of developing your vision and your mind power. Moreover, Nokku Varmam is not something that can be taught to anyone. It requires a certain level of spiritual maturity and purity from the student who wants to learn this art.

Therefore, if you want to learn Nokku Varmam, you will have to find a genuine master who can teach you this art personally. However, finding such a master is not easy, as they are very rare and secretive. You will have to search for them with sincerity and devotion, and prove yourself worthy of their trust and guidance. You will also have to follow their instructions faithfully and diligently, and practice regularly with dedication and discipline. Only then you might be able to learn Nokku Varmam and experience its benefits.

However, if you are just curious about Nokku Varmam and want to know more about it without learning it yourself, you can watch some videos on YouTube that demonstrate this art. Some of these videos are [Nokku varmam explained in Tamil KSD], [Nokku varmam practice 4 tamil tamil ulagam TU ], and [நக்க வர்மம்Nokku varmamvarma kalaiவர்ம கலவர்மம் Tamilnokku varmam training tamil]. These videos will give you a glimpse of what Nokku Varmam is and how it works. However, you should not try to imitate or practice what you see in these videos, as it can be very dangerous and harmful for you and others. Nokku Varmam is not a game or a joke, but a serious and sacred art that should be respected and handled with care.

We hope that this article has given you some information and insight about Nokku Varmam and its secrets. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading.



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