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Buy Iris Flowers

Our fresh-cut iris flowers for sale come in various shades of rich blues and purples to suit your decorating needs. The vibrant color combinations of the petals and the yellow throat make these especially striking in any floral arrangement, including bouquets, centerpieces and altar arrangements. The iris flower looks elegant and classic when used on its own. However, it can also be combined with wildflowers to create a very natural and woodsy vibe. For rustic weddings, add these purple and blue beauties to wood vases and canisters with raffia or twine bows. The possibilities are endless with wholesale iris flowers for sale at Blooms by the Box!

buy iris flowers

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Available year-round, irises look radiant for all occasions and seasons. In addition to pairing them with complementary yellow flowers, they look divine all on their own. Arrange them in galvanized watering cans, woodland containers or Mason jars accented with ribbon or raffia for a rustic, outdoor wedding. For a bouquet filled with lots of texture, include Billy balls, yarrow, and stems of Solidago. When the occasion calls for a formal look, try mixing them with elegant calla lilies, stephanotis or roses.

In the event we are unable to secure the flowers needed for the arrangement you have purchased, substitutions will be made. This is especially possible for orders placed less than 48 hours before date of delivery. We will make every effort to replicate the style and color scheme of the arrangement you have chosen. Should you have a specific request, we highly recommend you call us at (410) 747-5186.

Looking for the ideal blue flower or purple flower bouquet? Iris arrangements are the most beautiful blue and purple flowers. Ever wonder the meaning of iris flowers? Blue irises stand for hope, purple iris means compliments and white iris means purity. If you decide to buy flowers based on the meaning of the certain color and flower, it is a good idea to include the flower meaning in your personal card that comes with the flower delivery. Shop our best selling irises including From You Flowers blue flower bouquet and blue and orange bouquet. Do you need iris flower delivered today? We offer same day delivery for iris arrangements to help celebrate today!

Need iris flowers sent today? We offer same day iris flowers delivered a crossed the United States. From You Flowers wants you to celebrate today's special occasion whether it's a birthday or a thank you gift we offer cheap blue irises starting at below $30 dollars. These bouquets are very popular with our loyal customers who love blue flowers and think they are the perfect unique flower gift to send. All of your orders are hand arranged by a local florist and delivered to the door of your friend or loved one.

A classic perennial, iris flowers are a showy staple for your home garden. The bright colors are sure to impress any onlooker, which is no surprise because the name is derived from the Greek goddess of rainbows. Today's iris flowers are available in an array of colors and patterns, including bold, solid tones, and multi-colored, extravagantly patterned displays.

Our collection of iris rhizomes provides you with a plethora of color options that allows gardeners to get creative with their displays. Plant one variety en masse, choose multiple varieties, or incorporate your iris flowers into perennial flower beds. Iris flower bulbs require hours of direct sunlight to bloom and excel when planted prominently along garden borders or within cut flower arrangements. Irises also exhibit deer resistance and drought tolerance, making them a low maintenance perennial. Look for our reblooming bearded irises to enjoy beautiful colors year-round. Or, opt for our dutch irises to grow alongside your garden greens. Whichever iris rhizomes you choose this season, they're sure to be a pleasure to grow.

The iris family's name, Iridaceae, comes from the Greek word for rainbow. Not only do irises bloom in a rainbow of colors, this family includes plants of many shapes, heights and textures. In fact, over three hundred species of iris exist in today's horticultural landscape. The vast variety of the iris family allows you to choose the perfect iris for your garden. So, what makes bearded German irises different from other types of irises? Let's look at a few common divisions of irises.

Beardless irises include most other types of rhizome irises. Japanese irises feature flowing, butterfly-like petals. Louisiana irises also have a wide, flatter shape than their bearded counterparts. Siberian irises feature a symmetrical shape and attractive, grass-like foliage. Many other varieties of wild iris and species iris exist in this beardless group.

By mixing heights of German iris, you can absolutely create a garden filled exclusively with iris flowers. If you want to put your iris in multiple locations, you can place dwarf varieties in the front of beds or borders, and try tall bearded irises as accent plants.

Iris rhizomes will perform best when planted in the fall. However, unlike tulips and daffodils, which need to be planted after the ground cools, irises can be planted in early fall, or even late summer. The evenings should be cool, but above freezing, at planting time. Read more about planting irises in our perennials planting guide.

Most gardeners divide irises every two to three years, to maintain the shape and health of their iris clumps. But, when is the best time to transplant iris flowers? Transportation is best planned during the early fall, around the same time as planting season for irises. By moving your iris rhizomes before cool weather sets in, you're giving them time to establish roots.

Transplanting irises is relatively easy. Just cut the leaves back to a few inches above the root clump. Pull the iris rhizomes up, and divide them with a clean spade or knife, being sure that each "new" rhizome includes a fan of leaves and a healthy set of roots. Discard any rotted or dried-out irises, then simply dig a hole in their new location and set the divided iris flower bulbs. For more tips on caring for your irises and the rest of your garden, read our care guide.

The tall, beautiful iris, named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows, comes in many magical colors. Despite its divine origins, this beautiful flower is rugged, reliable, and easy to grow. Learn all about planting, growing, and caring for iris flowers.

Siberian irises, I. sibirica, also comes in a range of colors. They have a more delicate beauty than the stately bearded irises, but are equally as rugged. They also tend to be more pest and disease resistant.

Japanese irises, I. ensata, bear huge, flat blooms. These heavy feeders thrive on moisture during the growing season and do well around ponds; move to drier ground for fall and winter.

I just love Irises! They remind me of my grandma who took special care of hers. She had a variety that grew 4-5 feet tall. She dug them up every fall and planted them again in the early spring (I'm not sure why she did this, we didn't live in a harsh climate). My first landlord cultivated Irises for competition and created several new colors. These are the best smelling flowers; not too perfumey or over powering, just a nice clean fresh scent.

In the summer of 2020 a neighbor divided her iris and have away several of them, i was lucky to get 10 bulbs immediately according to her suggestions I planted them, nothing happens until the beginning of this week to my surprise 2 bloomed this is the beginning of December, I live in California ( San Leandro) is this normal?

Irises symbolise strength, courage and admiration, and are believed to represent a strong, bright relationship. This makes them the perfect present for a 25th wedding anniversary. Gift these beautiful flowers to a couple to celebrate their long-lasting love for each other.

While we commonly associate irises with the colour purple, these flowers come in as many as 250 varieties, which means there are a whole spectrum of vibrant colours to choose from. Striking colours of iris include blue, purple, yellow, white, pink, orange, brown and even black.

Remove any foliage that will be under the waterline in the vase - this prevents the build-up of bacteria in the water. It also prevents any foliage under the water from drinking too much water before the iris flowers.

Irises are hardy perennial flowers that will come back each year. They flower any time from late winter to early spring, giving your garden an early pop of colour that symbolises the start of the warmer weather.

Irises are the perfect addition to any garden. These hardy plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds and will come back every year for you to enjoy. You can also plant irises in pots and keep them indoors. Just make sure you place them on a sunny windowsill to give them the best chance of lasting longer.

Irises are loved for their sumptuous, colourful, and beautifully marked flowers. The Iris genus comprises a wide range of types that can be grown in a variety of locations, from pond margins and damp soil to borders, banks, pots and rockeries. Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow and, aptly, iris flowers offer a wonderful spectrum of colours. Iris flowers also have a long association with French and English royalty, thanks to the Fleur-de-Lis symbol. Grown in the right spot, irises are easy to grow and long-lived. Most iris flowers bloom in summer, apart from the earliest bulbous types, such as Iris reticulata, which flower in early spring. 041b061a72


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