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It's been a long wait but finally, Love Island 2022 is here on ITV. The seventh series comes after fans have waited over a year for a new series due to the pandemic but now, a fresh batch of young and beautiful singles are heading into the villa in Majorca to find their perfect match.The series promises plenty of romance, laughs and, of course, drama. Will the Islanders find their type on paper? Or will they be mugged off? Keep up-to-date with all the latest gossip and stories of Love island 2022 here

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Oftentimes when photographing this series, I'd find little nods to love in odd places. "Xo" sprayed on a bridge. "I love Mariana" tattooed across a fence. I discovered this notebook in a box at the north end of the island near Hipster Beach. I was surprised to find that lots of couples had written messages about their time together on Belle Isle. This particular note, about the thrill of having new experiences together, captured in words the sentiment I was trying convey through my camera.

According to the same survey of 4,505 UK adults, by YouGov, almost a quarter of 18-24 year olds (23 per cent) said they had experienced suicidal thoughts and feelings because of concerns in relation to their body image. More than one in seven (15 per cent) said they had self-harmed or deliberately hurt themselves because of concerns about their body image.

Dr Antonis Kousoulis from the Mental Health Foundation said: Millions of people enjoy Love Island for a whole range of reasons. Our concern is how the programme projects body images that are not diverse, largely unrealistic and presented as aspirational.

Our research clearly shows that a large number of young people say reality TV has a negative impact on how they feel about their own bodies. Concern about body image is linked to anxiety, depression and feelings of shame and disgust.

Now, all tea no shade, you'd think in a world of filters, Photoshopping and facetuning we could get to a stage where Islanders would be happy with their press shots (the first official images released of Islanders by ITV2 as they enter the Villa for the first time, lest we forget).

Love Island involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca, constantly under video surveillance.[46] To survive in the villa the Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander, whether it be for love, friendship, or money, and the overall winning couple receives a combined 50,000. On the first day, the Islanders couple up for the first time based on first impressions, but over the duration of the series they are forced to "re-couple" where they can choose to remain in their current couple or swap partners.

Any Islander who remains single after the re-coupling is eliminated and dumped from the island. Islanders can also be eliminated via public vote, as during the series the public votes through the Love Island app available on smartphones for their favourite couple or prospective couple. Pairs who receive the fewest votes risk being eliminated. Often a twist has occurred where it has been up to the Islanders to vote one of their own off the island. During the final week, the public vote towards which couple they want to win the series and therefore take home 50,000.

From the first series, a weekly re-cap episode entitled Love Island: The Weekly Hot List aired every Saturday and includes a round-up of everything that has happened in the villa over the past week.[49] This also includes unseen footage. In May 2017 it was confirmed that a new spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun would air during the third series.[50] It airs live on Sundays after the highlights episode and is hosted by main show host Maya Jama. It also includes celebrity guests, former Islanders and a studio audience.[51] On 30 July 2017, Love Island: The Reunion was broadcast on ITV2, interviewing the islanders and remembering the most memorable moments from the third series.[25]

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti starred in Ekin-Su and Davide: Homecomings in November 2022. Following their Series 8 win, the new couple embarked on two trips of a lifetime to Davide's beloved Italy and Ekin-Su's hometown in Turkey.[56]

The new batch of islanders has already had a serious switch-up. Shannon Singh was the first islander to be dumped from the villa in a shock eviction, with bombshell Chloe Burrow sending her home by choosing to couple up with Aaron Francis.

"I'm going to be the Italian stallion in the villa!" he said. "With my Italian charm, I can also be a very romantic guy. I'm good looking and I've realized since I first arrived in Manchester, a lot of English girls actually love me. They love to be around me and I love to be around them."

Before the islanders meet each other they will have been given reading material to read to help with recognising negative behaviours in relationships as well as behaviour associated with controlling and coercive behaviour.

Hosted by Sarah Hyland and narrated by Iain Stirling, the reality series will find Islanders facing exciting new challenges as they couple up with fellow contestants, with viewers at home given the power of deciding who should get another shot at love and who should leave the villa heartbroken and empty-handed. 041b061a72


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