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Orcad 16.0 Software Free Download [TOP] Full 13

My company has 25 shared licenses (the license servers are located who-knows-where). It takes 3 minutes to get the first OrCAD screen from the time I first click my desktop icon! I had complained to our IT people: it used to be 6 minutes and they improved it to 3 minutes. I could live with the log-on delay, but every other action is also extremely slow. A simple DC Sweep simulation with a handful of components may take 30 seconds or so; the same simulation done using OrCAD 9.1 (a single shared license located on a local server) takes a couple of seconds. Any idea of what's causing that? I have the correct environment variables. Also I don't think we are running out of licenses, because any time I check there are only 4-5 in use. In any case, it seems the license server only handles the initial log-on. After that, the OrCAD software on my machine is doing all the computational stuff, right? So is 16.0 much slower than 9.1?

orcad 16.0 software free download full 13

Abstract:In this paper, improved electrothermal models of the power diode and IGBT have been developed. The main local physical effects have been considered. The proposed models are able to deal with electrical and thermal effects. The models were confirmed by comparison with other models having similar characteristics for different circuits and different temperatures. The developed models are implemented in a traction unit to study the electrothermal performance in an electric vehicle system. The models were implemented in the Pspice circuit simulation platform using standard Pspice components and analog behavior modeling (ABM) blocks. The switching performance of the diode and the IGBT have been studied under the influence of different circuit elements in order to study and estimate the on-state and switching losses pre-required for the design of various topologies of converters and inverters. The comparison shows that these models are simple, configurable with the electrical circuit simulator software. They are better able to predict the main circuit parameters needed for power electronics design. Transient thermal responses have been demonstrated for single pulse and repetition modes. The obtained results show that our model is suitable for a fully electrothermal use of power electronic circuit simulations.Keywords: electro thermal; modeling; electric vehicles; performance; temperature


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