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Best Place To Buy Engagement Ring Cincinnati

Shop engagement rings, wedding bands, estate jewelry, luxury designer watches, fashion jewelry, and more through our extensive online catalog - or visit us in-store at our historic, downtown Cincinnati location.

best place to buy engagement ring cincinnati

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At Genesis Diamonds, our valuation team of jewelry buyers are professional and will ensure your experience selling your engagement ring will be the best. With care and quickness, they can assess your engagement ring for a same-day cash offer. Get the quickest service possible and the best offer when you sell your engagement ring at Genesis Diamonds.

Our GIA certified buyers will be happy to communicate how they came to the dollar assessment on your engagement ring. They will clearly explain how the price was determined and why some jewelry might be worth more or less than you expect. Our experts will communicate with you clearly and will ensure that you sell your engagement ring with ease at Genesis Diamonds.

Genesis Diamonds is a local jewelry store who always offers a fair price whether you are buying or selling an engagement ring. We pay top dollar for your engagement rings. We are able to do this based on our longstanding reputation as a quality jewelry buyer and reseller in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have spent years building trust with customers in Ohio who know that they can sell an engagement ring hassle-free and get a fair price from Genesis Diamonds.

As a proud business with strong ties to the local community, we understand the need for discretion. We offer a professional, private transaction, where you are comfortable with the price offered and the service given. Whether you want to sell your diamond, sell your engagement ring, or sell a wedding ring, feel completely comfortable knowing Genesis Diamonds in Cincinnati is the best place to sell your jewelry!

You may be wondering: can I sell my engagement ring? What's the best place to sell my engagement ring? Are there jewelry store that buy back engagement rings? Yes you can sell your engagement ring and the best place to sell your engagement ring is Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati! Click to learn more about how to sell your engagement ring.

The best place to sell your Rolex or luxury timepiece may come as a surprise, but it's actually to a jewelry store! Jewelry stores buy jewelry and luxury watches at the best prices because we know the value of your pre-owned watches. Click to learn more about how to sell your Rolex.

Genesis Diamond Buyer Cincinnati is the best place to sell your diamonds, jewelry, engagement ring, and the best place to sell your pre-owned Rolex or luxury watch! Why? Because we know the true value and worth of your items, and because WE ALWAYS PAY THE MOST! Call us, and leave today with cash!

Forget a pawnshop; the best place to sell your engagement ring is a jewelry store! With 30 years of experience, Genesis Diamond Buyers understands the true value of your watches and jewelry, and therefore will always get you the best price for selling your engagement ring, or pre-owned watches! Jewelry stores buy back engagement rings, but we will always pay the most!

If you're looking for places to sell your diamond, sell your engagement ring, sell your jewelry, or sell your luxury timepieces, Genesis Diamond Buyers Cincinnati is the #1 Jewelry Buyer in Cincinnati. Set up an appointment with one of our experts to get the value you deserve today! Request an appointment with us today.

There are many ways to go about proposing to your sweetheart but the best place to get unique antique engagement rings in Cincinnati , Ohio is from Knox Jewelers. We pride ourselves on creating hand crafted, heirloom quality pieces of jewelry so that you'll have only the best quality vintage engagement ring and vintage wedding rings in Cincinnati. Finding a ring worthy of your beloved is only the first half of a proposal, however this beautiful city offers a wide variety of choices for where to present your carefully selected ring to your future fiance.

This beautiful city has a seemingly endless selection of historic architecture. One of the largest collections of Italianate style architecture can be seen in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati. History lovers can visit this particular neighborhood and take time to stroll through an area that has a majority of its venues listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In fact it has been said that it may be the largest, most intact urban historic district in the United States. The latest collection of vintage engagement rings from Knox Jewelers complements the rich history that is found in these historical building styles. Perhaps you'll be inspired to propose at the Findlay Market, the oldest continuously operation farmers' market in Ohio. Or while enjoying a refreshing beverage in the Brewery District. If you both love viewing architecture you can also take a tour of downtown Cincinnati to appreciate styles which are also found in Vienna, New York City and Munich. No matter which location seems perfect for presenting the antique engagement ring that you've had custom made, your sweetheart is sure to be overjoyed!

Perhaps you want a little more adventure involved when you propose to your true love? Consider taking your darling up in the air for a hot air balloon ride! Plan a romantic flight with some views of your favorite places to sweep them off their feet. The breathtaking views will set up the perfect moment to present your partner with a beautiful filigree ring that you've had custom made by Knox Jewelers. This adventure in the sky will be the start of many adventures throughout your life together. It will seem like no time at all until you're holding hands and exchanging vintage wedding rings in front of your family and friends.

These tender moments will be ones to treasure. We at Knox Jewelers pride ourselves on our high heirloom quality standards. You can be assured that your antique engagement ring and vintage wedding rings, symbols of your love and devotion, will be passed down the generations of your new family along with the romantic story of how it came to be.

Bespoke wedding and engagement rings made by hand in metro Detroit using ethically sourced stones, recycled metal, and one-of-a-kind designs. Shop from our collections or create a custom design team with our designers.

Jewelry storage is important as well. At the time of purchase, all Tiffany & Co. jewelry is wrapped in a protective box, case or tarnish-resistant pouch. Between wearings, we recommend that you place it back in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch.

However, there tends to be one noticeable difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds: price. "Lab-grown diamonds are a great choice for keepsake jewelry and engagement rings, because you can usually get a larger and better quality stone for a lower price," says Rosen.

Legacies Upscale Resale, in the Hyde Park Plaza, is a unique Cincinnati consignment store, offering gold, silver, platinum, diamond and costume jewelry pieces at great prices (and we have much more than just jewelry). But the best reason to shop at Legacies is that all proceeds benefit the Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, who provide over 250 FREE programs a month to those affected by cancer. Find a great treasure and help the community by shopping at Legacies today for all of your jewelry needs!

I would rate them higher if it would let me. Blake is as cool and professional as they come. Had such a great experience yesterday purchasing my Rolex. This place is not just watches they have all your jewelry needs. If your like me and value the experience but also want the best quality stop in and check them out. ask for Blake

Genesis Diamonds is one of the leading jewelry shops with a wide range of handcrafted, designed wedding and engagement rings. Genesis Diamonds has revolutionized the way diamond buying is done in Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky, empowering the customer and setting new standards for quality, education, and value. Genesis is proud to offer a huge selection of the world's most prestigious bridal and fine fashion jewelry designers and Luxury Pre-Owned Rolexes. Diamonds in the shop are unique and have different styles, which are directly imported pieces and GIA certified. In addition, they offer a full lifetime warranty for all rings purchased from their shop. Genesis Diamonds also provide free maintenance and repairs on manufacturer defects. Free shipping is available for all orders. In addition, they offer a 100% money refund option and accepts return within 30 days.

Tara Michelle was my salesperson and was absolutely fantastic to work with in buying the perfect engagement ring! I went to the store with no real expectation of what I wanted but was greeted with the perfect amount of information to help me make my decision. Tara Michelle took the time to go over the various designers and types of settings, then the different types of diamonds that I could have as the center-stone. Tara Michelle let me know cost upfront every part of the way and never tried to get me to go beyond my budget. I would highly recommend Tara Michelle and Genesis Diamonds!

My fiance bought my engagement ring from Schwartz's and I absolutely love it! He said that the staff were very friendly and helpful, so we decided to get our wedding rings there, as well. We talked with a few different people there, and everyone was great! I had a specific style in mind that they didn't have in store, but Marty showed me some similar options and ordered one in the style that I wanted. We live a couple hours away, so he mailed the rings to us, let us mail them back to be resized, and shipped them back to us at no extra cost. We highly recommend Schwartz's for a stress-free, budget-friendly wedding band shopping experience.

My boyfriend and I have been looking at engagement rings and the previous places we went were so over priced and did not offer a great selection. Maggee was SO nice and helpful and took the time to explain the qualities of each diamond we were looking at! They have a lot of options with bands and loose stones! We were able to get way more diamond for our money and my boyfriend and I left Schwartz feeling way better! 041b061a72


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