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Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub

As this is the first DVD volume of the series, chrome shell regios comes with no special packaging other than what is already available for the whole collection. However this is not a bad thing, in fact the standard DVD presentation is no less than standard DVD presentation.

Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub

Heavens Blade is an organisation that has arisen to protect the earth from the attacks of the Contaminoid, a species that is described to be "celestial and alien", and who seek to destroy the earth and everything on it. However as stated in the series the story we are following takes place several years after Heavens Blade's initial attack and as such this title consists of a mix of Japanse anime styled animation and a huge variety of action with frenetic battles taking place across all episodes. The series has however stuck to a basic premise and does not stray from it or dilute it in the slightest, with the series continuing to use the basic moves (fast paced chases, using the environment to the full, and martial arts) to keep the series fresh and interesting and always on the lookout for the next shock moment to come, which of course means a climax to end the episode. The series does of course feature Layfon and his friends, much like "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines" the 17th Platoon are a group of elite fighters who are on a mission to rid the world of Contaminoids (and yes we know there is a film adaptation in the works at the moment) who use martial arts techniques to gain advantage in the fight. The story follows the exploits of this group of warriors, with various episodes focusing on one or more of them. The story does however focus heavily on the work-life balance of Layfon and the other characters, where they work hard with long hours of physical exertion while also having relationships with their loved ones. The only downside to this is that at times the storyline can feel a little too much like fan-service, with Layfon being able to communicate with his loved ones via his long range communicator and giving kisses and hugs to everyone when needed.

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