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Where To Buy Pre Soldered Copper Fittings

A solder ring fitting is a pre-soldered capillary connector for joining copper pipes used in plumbing. During the manufacture of these precision-made fittings, a ring of high quality lead-free solder is positioned in each capillary socket. When heat is applied, the solder is released into the gap between the tube and the fitting, resulting in a totally sound joint without the need to end feed additional solder. We provide the size of 8mm-54mm of the full range of products, which are made from copper. The impermeable nature of the solder ring fittings gives excellent protection against contaminants that can threaten the domestic water supply.

where to buy pre soldered copper fittings

Soldered copper joints can be quite strong if done properly. The strength of a soldered joint depends on several factors, including the quality of the solder, the cleanliness of the surfaces being joined, the fit between the pieces being joined, and the temperature and duration of the soldering process.

For a misting system with a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing appearance, or and for a system with concealed mist lines, we manufacture pre-soldered copper tubing with customized nozzle spacing and specialty fittings. This approach is ideal for in-stucco, in-deck, or in-fountain system applications.

Streamline Copper Solder-Joint Fittings for supply/pressurized systems have been the leading brand of copper fittings for decades. Available in both wrot copper and cast bronze, our product selection has grown to become the most extensive in the industry. We are the acknowledged experts at engineering and manufacturing precision solder-joint copper fittings. Quality, consistency and reliability have made the Streamline brand trusted and specified all around the world.

Apply heat to the join using your heat torch and wait for a solder ring to appear at the join ends. These solder ring fittings are considerably more expensive than end feed pieces but for people with little experience, this is a much easier way of joining copper pipes together, providing a more solid seal.

Flowflex Solder Ring Fittings are lead-free pre-soldered Copper Fittings, allowing for a quick and easy installation. They are ideal for installations in areas where there is limited space, installers looking for a quick and reliable connection, or DIY enthusiasts who are not confident applying the solder themselves.

Solder Ring fittings (also known as Yorkshire fittings) are pre-soldered connectors for joining copper pipes. These are ideal when fitting in confined spaces and where single handed fitting is required.

Whatever the plumbing job, we have all kinds of copper pipes, including compression fittings and copper flexible tap connectors. We only stock resilient, affordable copper pipe and end feed fittings.

Use copper end feed fittings to blank off copper pipes quickly. Professionals often prefer copper solder ring fittings to conjoin pipes better. Our copper push-fit fittings are the easiest way to instal. Plus, these copper push-fit pipes are durable enough to be leak-free.

All our fittings are sized to industry standards, like the 15mm copper pipe fittings. Thanks to our range of compression fittings, we've made it easy to install a tap connector in hard-to-reach places. We even stock flexible compression fittings for when you need rigid pipes to bend. We have garden taps for outdoor projects and external taps stopcocks to stop external leaks.

Yes copper and stainless steel can easily be soldered or brazed together using a filler material that usually contains tin and silver . Unlike welding were we melt the two metals together, brazing or soldering use a filler material to bond the two parts together without melting them. Temperature distinguishes brazing from soldering, were brazing typically requires heating over 450C/840F to bond parts using brazing rod. Soldering is done at temperatures below 450C/840F using solder. Both filler materials contain silver, the higher the content of silver the higher the melting point and the stronger the bond between parts. So brazing will yield a much stronger bond then soldering.

If you choose to solder your components together a common plumbing solder containing 95% Tin 5% Antimony will do the job just fine. You can also use Lincon Electric Solder Stay-Bright Kit With Flux that is 95% Tin and 5% Silver for better results. Both solders will have a melting point of 230C /450F and can be heated with a simple propane or Mapp gas torch. You will need to thoroughly clean both pieces and apply a coating of flux to all surfaces to be soldered. I like Harris white flux paste for this job. Flux is important because it dissolves oxides that form during the heating process and it aids in the flow of solder into the joint by providing a shield against oxygen in the air. Below is a video of soldering stainless steel to copper and then testing the joint for strength.

A. I received several similar questions from readers who were intrigued by my quick mention of this newer method to create leak-proof connections between copper water supply tubing and copper fittings. For decades, the gold standard of making leak-proof joints when installing copper tubing was solder.

Although soldering and brazing are the most common methods of joining copper tube and fittings, they are often the least understood. It is this lack of understanding that can develop into poor installation techniques and lead to poor or faulty joints. Investigations into the common causes of joint failures revealed several factors contributing to faulty joints, including:

As an alloy of copper and zinc, brass is compatible with copper, and manufacturers produce many common plumbing fittings with the material. Solder adheres as well to brass as it does to copper, so the fittings are usually molded with slip joints so you can solder them to the pipes. It's easy to solder copper plumbing if you do it right but troublesome if you make a mistake, and a common mistake is to solder pipes while water is dribbling through them. If the pipes and fittings are dry, however, you shouldn't have any trouble producing a watertight seal.

Also -- copper is the material I want to use here -- last I heard, PEX isn't code-compliant where I live, and I would not want to use it anyway due to the prospect of material damage if the T&P ever had to function in anger.

Solder Ring fittings are a fast, reliable and economic solution to the assembly of copper tube which are manufactured to BS EN 1057. A ring of high quality lead free solder is located in each fitting. Secure jointing is achieved through capillary action as the pre soldered fitting is heated to make both an easy and effective connection, without the need to use additional solder.

The second photo shows a joint that will leak. Here we made a joint using the old techniques but with lead free solder and then took it apart. If you look closely inside the elbow just below my finger nail you will see a small path where the copper has no solder coating. What happened here is that the soldering flux that was applied after cleaning the piece was burned off before the solder got to this surface. When the flux burns off, the copper oxidizes and the solder doesn't stick.

The key to the whole problem is in this chart. The grey line shows how leaded solder works. It is in its solid form until heated to a certain temperature. Then very quickly it transforms from solid, to soft, to liquid. The line on the bottom shows when the solder flows as a liquid. Towards the right side of the chart there is the large vertical blue zone. This is the temperature zone where the flux will simply burn off and be gone. When working with leaded solder, you have the whole temperature range between when it first becomes liquid and before the flux burns off to work with it. This is the temperature and time zone where you touch the solder to the copper and it is drawn into the joint by capillary action, displacing the flux as it goes and attaching itself permanently to the copper nice and evenly.

Now look at the green line, which shows how lead free solder works. It has to get hotter before it begins to melt, and then it is much slower to move from solid, through the soft stage, to the liquid stage. There is very little room left once it is liquid before the flux burns off. Hence with lead free solder you need to get it hot very fast and get the solder into place almost instantly so that it can flow over the flux rather than arrive where the flux has already burned off and left an oxidized copper surface that the solder will not stick to.

LA-CO Cool Gel Heat Barrier Spray is a great thermal shield Gel found on Amazon or Worthington Cold Coat Gel Spray found at Canadian Tire online. This is a spray gel that can protect wood from the plumbing torch, or prevent heat from moving down the copper pipe -- and that protects rubber washers that are close to your soldering job or even blocks the loss of heat to water in the pipe a foot away. In this photo you can see the gel on the plywood with absolutely no burn marks from the flame which is only an inch away. You can leave the gel to eventually evaporate. Products like this help us to solder quickly and safely with good results, keeping the heat where we need it.

If you would like to stick with copper pipe but not solder you now have three choices: compression fittings (which can be difficult to get just tight enough to not leak but not so tight as to distort) -- "O" ring grip fittings like Sharkbite and the and a real unknown product, a copper bonding agent. That's right, do copper joints just like you do ABS joints! There is now a copper cold weld bonding agent designed to eliminate all soldering, is NSF approved, exceeds the strength of solder and it actually works. Check out Just For Copper available in most renovation centres. 041b061a72


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