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Business Schools International

International MBA students master global issues through specialized courses and study abroad experiences and may find jobs in international business or at multinationals. These are the top business schools for an international MBA. Read the methodology

business schools international

Overall, among the top 10 business schools, the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions are held by INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration), Haas School of Business (Berkeley Haas), and the Yale School of Management (also known as Yale SOM).

Out of the 100 best business schools in the world for 2023, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management ranked No. 20th. A number of parameters are used to compile the ranking, which is based on the satisfaction levels of individual students, industry professionals, and corporate recruiters. So, if you are thinking about boosting your prospects with a postgraduate-level degree in business, we have got just the thing for you; here are the best international business schools that can help advance your career:

  • Europe Campus

  • Asia Campus

  • Middle East Campus

  • San Francisco Hub

  • Alliance & PartnershipsThe INSEAD-Wharton Alliance

  • Tsinghua SEM

  • Alliance Sorbonne Université

[email protected] Supporting the digital transformation of business and society globally

Read moreWith research focus on the intersection of business and society, innovative teaching methods and exciting partnerships, the Hoffmann Institute takes our positive social impact to the next level.

Dedicated since 2002 to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, United International Business Schools (UIBS) is an independent private higher education institution with campuses across Europe and Asia, and Online. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate (Bachelor/BBA) and (Post)Graduate (Master/MBA and Doctor/DBA) level leading to private (programmatically-accredited) degrees, and to American regionally-accredited and European state-recognized degrees in cooperation with our academic partners. Our sister institution, the European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS), offers interdisciplinary liberal and global studies also at the Undergraduate and (Post)Graduate level.

If you're considering graduate business education to advance your career, there's no better place than Northeastern University. Join our admissions team to learn more about D'Amore-McKim's programs and application process.

Accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business strives to provide high-quality professional and internationalized education to our undergraduate, masters-level, and doctoral students.

Accredited Business schools must not only meet specific standards of excellence, but their deans, faculty, and professional staff must make a commitment to ongoing continuous improvement to ensure that the institution will continue to deliver the highest quality of education to students.

TAMIU's A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business is pleased to announce that international applicants applying to a business graduate program will be considered for admission review prior to the completion of their undergraduate degree.

Global Network Weeks leverage resources from business schools across continents, positioning future leaders to thrive in roles requiring a broad understanding of the differences between markets and diverse stakeholders.

Our mission is to drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders. Launched in 2012, the Global Network includes 32 leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development. Member schools connect their students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituencies so that they can deepen their understanding of differences and commonalities in their economies and increase their effectiveness.

The Lied Center for Real Estate seeks to advance real estate knowledge, inform business practice, and address issues that affect the real estate industry and public policy. The center produces relevant and timely real estate research, supports educational programs in real estate economics and finance for students and professionals, and provides community outreach.

The Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) was established in 1975. CBER conducts applied research vital to business and government. CBER cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of the UNLV's research community throughout the state of Nevada and the country.

The Lee Business School is among just 181 business colleges and schools worldwide to hold international dual accreditation in business and accounting by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

At the Isenberg School of Management, we are committed to providing our students with the education and experiences that will make them effective, inclusive leaders and change agents in their world. We strive to continually evolve and innovate to meet the demands of the ever-changing business industry.

Isenberg is an AACSB-accredited business school that offers courses to its students through undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Students can earn their degrees on campus, online or through a blended format that allows them to combine on-campus and online offerings providing flexibility at any stage in your career.

Candidates focus on a business issue from their own experience and work alongside a hand-selected sector specialist and an academic manager who guide them as they work to solve an issue from their own professional situation.

Our faculty members all work actively in their sectors and offer their insights into current business trends as well as access to their own global networks. They organize business challenges, from creating companies and writing business plans to market research and much more.

Hult International Business School (also known as Hult Business School or Hult) is a private business school with campuses in Cambridge, London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York City, and Shanghai.[5] Hult is named for the school's benefactor Bertil Hult.

In 2002, Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult purchased the Arthur D. Little School of Management, which resulted in the school's reorganization and reestablishment as Hult International Business School in 2003. Under its restructuring, Hult established a new curriculum oriented on international business, which led to the establishment of Hult's global campuses in Dubai (2008), San Francisco (2010), Shanghai (2011), and New York (2014).[15][16]

In 2014, Hult International Business School acquired and merged with Ashridge Business School, creating one of the largest business schools in the world.[18] After 2015, the two schools began operating as a singular entity, with the establishment of Ashridge Executive Education as Hult's executive program.[19]

Hult International Business School is the lead sponsor of the Hult Prize (formerly Hult Global Case Challenge), an annual international case competition launched in 2010 that asks students to find solutions to global social challenges.[34] The Prize is a partnership between Hult International Business School, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the United Nations Foundation.[35]

Marshall students complement their business education with significant coursework outside of the business school. We offer interdisciplinary joint degrees BUAI, BCA, REFD, and ACFN. USC is an intellectually stimulating campus with more than 20 top schools across which our students have access to more than 200 minors and nearly 200 majors. This gives Marshall students unprecedented ability to build their own interdisciplinary path.

USC Marshall has taken the lead in creating innovative new joint-degree programs that leverage the IP of University of Southern California schools like the top-ranked Viterbi School of Engineering and the renowned School of Cinematic Arts. More partnerships are on the horizon, as Marshall continues to offer undergraduates an educational experience designed to meet student interest and marketplace demand.

In partnership with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, the AI for Business joint-degree program brings together the expertise of two of the top business and engineering schools in the country to create a new generation of technically-savvy business leaders.

Students in the John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts Program (BCA) earn a joint degree recognized by the Marshall School of Business and the School of Cinematic Arts. Program-specific courses, internships, and networking give BCA students the competitive edge as business leaders in the entertainment industry.

At USC Marshall, you will develop a thorough knowledge of business fundamentals, including organizational behavior, finance and business economics, business communication, accounting, marketing, and business strategy. During your junior and senior years, you will choose courses that allow you to study one more specific area of business in depth.

The Peter Arkley Institute for Risk Management educates the next generation of risk management leaders for an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment. A curriculum focused on stimulating critical thinking and sharpening analytical skills equips students to meet the risk challenges of tomorrow.

The Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab is a Center of Excellence at the USC Marshall School of Business building an ecosystem of students and professionals equipped with the business skills and resources to advance market-based approaches to pressing societal issues. Through education, community building, research, professional development, and narrative change, the Lab is a nucleus for social impact at Marshall, USC, and beyond.

There are approximately 22,000 students currently enrolled with BI Norwegian Business School, which allows for a lively student life. International student orientation takes place at the beginning of each term and is designed to ensure that international students have an easy transition into Norwegian life. There are many student unions and clubs available, and exchange students are encouraged to get involved. There is one organization called International Student Group (ISG), which consists of a group of Norwegian students who volunteer their time to help improve the stay for incoming exchange students. 041b061a72


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