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Create A Forum For Free

Forumotion is a forum community creator. Thanks to the creation tool of free forums, you can customize your forum with just a few clicks. A forum is the right place to build an online community.

Create a Forum For Free

Enjoy awesome features, powerful tools and free themes to customize your forum. Create a unique and design forum is very easy and fun with Forumotion! The best solution to have a custom forum.

Share your free forum and its content with the community: messages, discussions, images and videos. Have a well referenced and active forum on Internet. Forumotion hosts SEO and mobile friendly forums.

Create a free forum on ForumotionA free forum is an online discussion board to interact and chat with users and members. How to create a forum? Forumotion brings communities together with a 10 years experience in forum hosting. Our community and forum hosting platform allows you to make a free and powerful forum easily. You can start a forum without any technical knowledge necessary. Build your own community and start to discuss on your new message board.Enjoy an easy management and various features of your free forum: unlimited sub-forums, posts and topics, custom forum skins, chat box, photo galleries, portal, RPG, regular backups, awesome avatars, language choice, free hosting service... Use Forumotion to setup your online forum is the best way to build a large forum community.Thanks to this complete discussion system mixing forum, chat, private messaging, poll, classified ad, blog and others, to gather a community group and debate between passionate members is within the reach of all! So do not wait, make your community online and discuss with people who share the same interests.Create and customize an Internet forum in seconds!

A forum is an ideal format for visitors to discuss, debate, and share advice or ask questions. But creating a forum offers many more advantages. So why create your own discussion forum in 2023? What are the benefits of a forum to build an online community? Here are the main reasons that make the forum creation very interesting!

Communities have never been so present on the Internet. Whether it is forums or social networks, users still enjoy gathering to discuss around a common passion. Creating a forum allows you to take advantage of this community spirit while keeping the possibility of fully customizing it. You can thus launch a forum on video games, RPG, motorcycles... The possibilities are endless!

Forumotion has been offering its free forum creation service since 2004. Over the past 15 years, habits and trends have changed considerably: the way people interact, lead and manage their communities. That is why Forumotion has made the forums evolve to better meet the needs of new online communities and groups.It is no longer just a question of creating a simple forum for discussion between friends or passionate people. You have the choice to activate features to enhance your forum possibilities now: classified ads, publications, events, photos and videos or PWA. With Forumotion, you can create a real community website that will meet all your community members needs.

Also, the websites appearance has evolved significantly with the new web design trends. Forumotion proposes to create modern and optimized forums for mobile interactions. You can choose to launch a very modern designed and responsive forum with the AwesomeBB theme for example. Of course, you have the possibility to modify your forum appearance in order to customize it according to your community.Finally, you can choose to have a secure forum using the HTTPS protocol. Your members will discuss further on a forum with a secure connection.

Forum website is an online platform to engage users from various locations into one discussion. You can use personal or social media channels to gain the focus on specific discussion thread. The basic pages for the forum website are mentioned below:

Creating a forum website is a tremendous way of bringing people together from all over the world and cultivate a conversation. It can easily promote marketing and online branding of a small business efforts.

Success of a forum website depends on what theme or topic you bring into the community. Know about the shared interests of the people willing to join the online forum and emphasize it with the questions you raise, types of discussions you start or the material you upload.

Even if it is an online discussion platform, it has to be attractive. Use various forum customization options and design features to make it look beautiful. Be an active admin, it will help in keeping the other users active. Think of the ways to keep the users engaged. Make the forum a reliable source of information and get the traffic as a reward.

A forum website is an online platform that helps people hold conversation in the form of messages. The forums are different from chat rooms and contain usually longer messages than the regular one-line ones. The best part about forums is that they let you archive the messages temporarily.

The process of forum creation is not that complicated, but it involves several must-have steps. The complexity of the procedure also depends upon the type and size of forum you are going to launch as well as the web building tool you choose for this every purpose.

There are multiple services you can use to start and manage a forum. Website builders are the most feature-laden and powerful systems that make it possible to launch this kind of project, but you can also give preference to open-source platforms. Many of them are specially built with forum creation in mind and, thus, work great for this every goal.

Wix Forum is a free widget available in the Wix App market, which allows creating an online community around a website and provides an extensive range of features. The app ensures ease of installation and use, commenting possibility, post adding, scheduling and customization, photo and video integration, multilanguage support and other features. Wix additionally grants access to third-party extensions available in its App Market you can further integrate into your forum. The most popular of them include ChatRoom, Comments, LiveChat, Smart Chat, Form Builder, ShoutOut Mailout and more.

When it comes to phpBB integration, you should know that this is the best free forum plugin, which was specially created by WordPress web design pros with user convenience in mind. The plugin makes it possible to integrate a full-featured discussion forum into the WordPress-powered website. The plugin is focused on flexibility, simplicity, speed, quality and deep WordPress integration. This eventually triggers worthy result you count on.

The website builder is module-based, which lets you give the required functionality to your website by means of module integration. This also concerns the forum module, which is free and easy to connect to the existing website. It lets you build forums with any number of sections based on the functionality required. Each forum you create with the platform comes with a set of properties like state (active or closed), rules, icons, password settings, user management options etc. You can add and edit posts here, create buttons and icons, add any number of RSS feed entries and threads per page, upload multiple files at a time etc.

Once you have published the website, you can continue using it for free. Pay attention to the fact that all free accounts have to display ads. In order to get rid of the advert, upgrade your website. Ad-free uCoz websites start at $5.99/mo, although, the cheapest subscription costs $2.99/mo.

However, forums are still the leaders in this comparison. They are more convenient both for users and owners. They cover a broad spectrum of topics within the same field of interest. Forums have been around for a longer time than Facebook groups. Obviously, more people have got used to them and, thus, give preference to this option more often.

The software offers an extensive database of extensions and styles that were specially created by users for better forum building experience. The databases encompass a variety of image and style packages needed to quickly create and customize your forum.

Whatever business you run, there will always be users willing to become forum members at your website to stay informed about current news and updates. A forum is a perfect place for finding answers to lots of burning questions and staying in touch with like-minded people through the open-channel 24/7 communication. These are the must-have points your forum should include to become a success:

There is no single set of success recommendations and tips for all the forums. Online communities differ from each other, which triggers the necessity to incorporate versatile features. However, you can still make use of the most widespread instructions that will help make your forum popular. Here are some of them:

Forum development is a time-taking, challenging and quite complicated process that requires specific skills, knowledge and budget/effort investment. The complexity of the forum creation process will depend upon the goals you set, objectives you wish to avail, your skills and degree of web design awareness as well as specific project nuances. The choice of the forum building software also matters a lot.

Forums are definitely still relevant. They generate a great impact on the internet, especially in terms of traffic and engagement. According to Statista, Reddit receives around 1.7 billion visits per month, and has more than 50 million daily active users. So yes, people are still interested in forums!

You can install the forum on your main domain or on a subdomain, both options are correct, but you must be aware of how that can affect your SEO. We recommend researching the pros and cons of each option and making the decision that best suits your goals.


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