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[S2E2] Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)

Last season of Grey's Anatomy left us with heartache, love, excitement . . . really, it gave us all the feels. We loved, we lost, and now it's time to get back in line for the Grey Sloan Memorial roller coaster to take another ride! After 14 seasons with our favorite TV doctors, these are the 13 essential episodes you need to watch before tuning into the two-hour season 15 premiere on Sept. 27.\n\n Related:\n\n \n \n \n \n\n Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy?\n \n \n\n","id":45247352,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Essential Grey's Anatomy Episodes You Need to Watch Before Season 15 Premieres","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"for_brand":"ABC","paid_for_by_alt":null,"sponsor_link":null,"slide_tags":"Grey's AnatomyGrey's Anatomy CountdownTV","is_cover":true},"image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/haD7rSaMpJPYhFYNNupUEmvjR7E\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/17\/076\/n\/1922283\/da0500fc48816aaf_meredith_alex\/i\/Season-1-Episode-3-Winning-Battle-Losing-War.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Hua1yxgMS48dv5Fnc7bjdCMMamc\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/17\/076\/n\/1922283\/da0500fc48816aaf_meredith_alex\/i\/Season-1-Episode-3-Winning-Battle-Losing-War.jpg","title":"Season 1, Episode 3: \"Winning a Battle, Losing the War\"","intro_text":false,"body":"Competition in the real world is entertaining. But, competition in the surgical world is inevitable and necessary. It creates sharks \u2014 and surgeons who win Harper Avery Awards. Remember when Alex was an \"evil spawn\" and all you wanted to see was Meredith beat him with her tiny ineffectual fists? \nIn this episode, Meredith and Alex have their first real competition with each other when casualties from the Dead Baby Bike Race come rolling through Seattle Grace Hospital. They fight for Viper, a biker who has some pins in his side and wants to get back out on the road as soon as possible. We see inexperienced and full-of-himself Alex Karev brush off Meredith with his overconfident attitude that made him very hard to love early on \u2014 good thing he was easy on the eyes. When Alex gets too big for his britches, Meredith makes sure to set him in his place, and Meredith has to end up saving Viper because of Alex's mistake. We didn't know then just how important these two would be in each other's lives. Oh, how \"our people\" change us. Alex and Meredith have come a long way on such different paths, and Dr. Richard Webber was right when he said, \"The seven years you spend here as a surgical resident will be the best and worst of your life.\" \nThey say our people make us better, but they also make you fight to be better. The theme of this episode screams competition. In Grey Sloan Memorial, there's always enough competition starting from the very beginning. Going into season 15, we hope the competition continues, because it's more exciting with it around!\n","id":45282339,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45282339\/Season-1-Episode-3-Winning-Battle-Losing-War","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 3: \"Winning a Battle, Losing the War\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/KGnq9hrqOywvVHkIARfzEGjI-Pc\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/17\/092\/n\/1922283\/3c9b7a7e80352225_202ScottSeibert\/i\/Season-2-Episode-2-Enough-Enough-More-Tears.png","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/qhmFzrZLyLg5GXChrW3vW6EZZBc\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/17\/092\/n\/1922283\/3c9b7a7e80352225_202ScottSeibert\/i\/Season-2-Episode-2-Enough-Enough-More-Tears.png","title":"Season 2, Episode 2: \"Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)\"","intro_text":false,"body":"Never judge what you don't know. Back when Alex was giving nurses syphilis, we didn't know much about him, so it was easy for him to be evil. But during this episode, when Alex takes on patient Scott Sibert, we learn about Alex's dark past. Scott and his mom came into the ER after his father had a bad case of road rage and crashed their car. His father needs a liver transplant, and Scott is a match. But Scott is internalizing something, which Alex sees as a familiar past. Scott's father is abusive toward his mother, and we learn Alex's father was abusive as well. In life, you can meet a person but never really know them. It's not until you dive in and get to know them at their core that you find out what kind of book they are. Obviously, now it's like that side of Alex never existed, and it's like reading a completely different book. Current Alex is definitely an upgrade. There's always something laying underneath the surface, which creates all of that roller coaster drama that we love. With new characters coming in to play this season, remember never to judge the book before you know what's inside.\n","id":45282599,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45282599\/Season-2-Episode-2-Enough-Enough-More-Tears","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 2, Episode 2: \"Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/w3XV_sVukK1lvn90fK4sSOt1H2k\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/811\/n\/1922729\/77325e186e733eac_Tell_People_you_Love_them\/i\/Season-5-Episode-24-Now-Never.gif","title":"Season 5, Episode 24: \"Now or Never\"","intro_text":false,"body":"\"Because I think it's important to take the time to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you.\" \nSince season 15 is the Season of Love, this episode has so many important moments that created the groundwork for this amazing show. It's the beginning of Owen Hunt's journey to finding love and, boy, has that been a journey. Alex Karev is taking steps to show he is more than just an \"evil spawn\" and has a heart capable of loving someone else, so when he finally meets Jo, he is able to fall in love.\nAnd no one can forget the love of a lifetime that started it all: Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey getting married on a Post-it \u2014 it's the stuff of legends. The episode also features Miranda Bailey proving she is more than just the tough-skinned resident; she cares for her interns, which is a love that lasts all the way to present day. There is so much love shown in many different forms, making this episode a must see.\n","id":45247353,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247353\/Season-5-Episode-24-Now-Never","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 5, Episode 24: \"Now or Never\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/HPOndWCLBj1UXPUSwL2s2yqmyAo\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/812\/n\/1922729\/ee88234319b66ff4_Jo_Wilson_Alex\/i\/Season-9-Episode-16-Why-We-Fight.gif","title":"Season 9, Episode 16: \"This Is Why We Fight\"","intro_text":false,"body":"In this episode, the survivors of the plane crash attempt to save the hospital by purchasing it. The plane crash was a life-altering event that sets a course no one could have foreseen. No one knew that the hospital would end up going bankrupt, or that these doctors would step in to purchase it, making it the first hospital run entirely by doctors! But as the Grey Sloan Seven try to keep the hospital alive from the outside, everyone is panicking inside as rumors of the hospital closing spin out of control. \nThis is also the episode where Alex knows how he feels about Jo Wilson, and we see that Jo just might care about him as much as he cares for her. When Jo tells Alex that she will miss him the most if the hospital were to shut down, you know that their feelings are real even if they haven't acknowledged them yet. You never give up on something you love, whether it be a person or a hospital. You fight, you win. We already know these doctors are fighters, and they fight for what they love. Going into season 15, there better not be anyone who tries to get in the way of that love, because lord help them.\n","id":45247365,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247365\/Season-9-Episode-16-Why-We-Fight","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 9, Episode 16: \"This Is Why We Fight\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/hcZR-rnaO7CkIGEmkQ1CvwkE8a4\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/812\/n\/1922729\/ef26a5475c061e45_Alex_I_love_you_Jo\/i\/Season-9-Episode-24-Perfect-Storm.gif","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/tpSR-Wmhz9S686QWH2er2U_f_N8\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/812\/n\/1922729\/ef26a5475c061e45_Alex_I_love_you_Jo\/i\/Season-9-Episode-24-Perfect-Storm.gif","title":"Season 9, Episode 24: \"Perfect Storm\"","intro_text":false,"body":"They say bad things happen in threes, but they also say love finds a way \u2014 although contradictory sayings, this episode proves both to be true. As a storm rages into Seattle, the hospital prepares for the worst. Meredith goes into labor as the power goes out and must have a C-section in the dark. Dr. Bailey is still coping with the fallout from her staph infection and is unable to operate out of fear. And Jackson Avery tries to save a bus full of churchgoers that has flipped over trying to get to safety from the storm.\nJust when you think there's a light at the end of the tunnel, Meredith starts to bleed out postsurgery, and her last hope is Dr. Bailey, who hasn't been able to operate in weeks. And Jackson goes back into the burning bus to find an unaccounted-for little girl. The range of emotions in such a short time is enough to put you into cardiac arrest. But love finds a way! Bailey overcomes her fears to save a person who she loves, while Jackson reunites the girl with her mother, who would have been destroyed if she lost her daughter. And we can't forget that Alex finally tells Jo that he loves her! It took him long enough! \nThis episode is essential to watch before season 15 because after the storm has passed, love is still there. And with the season of love coming, we need to prepare our emotional heart strings for all the feelings we are going to feel.\n","id":45247367,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247367\/Season-9-Episode-24-Perfect-Storm","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 9, Episode 24: \"Perfect Storm\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/jo71M6HQ9udr_Z1jfcHswZT44UM\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/26\/148\/n\/1922283\/4f206b0d5bac416f194f87.69662909_FearfulCrispGrassspider-max-1mb\/i\/Season-11-Episode-23-She-Leaving-Home-Part-2.gif","title":"Season 11, Episode 23: \"She's Leaving Home Part 2\"","intro_text":false,"body":"Death is inevitable. It may sound morbid, but it's the truth. Meredith has left Seattle following Derek's death. She has cut off all contact with everyone at Grey Sloan and is trying to cope with the loss of her great love. Jackson works through his anger about his baby's death and finds it difficult having to face it alone. And finally, to really drive the waterworks home, Jo faces a difficult case when one of the two burn victims she has been treating dies. Both victims became support buddies to get each other through, and Jo grew close to them on their journey to recovery. To lose one of them was heartbreaking, not only for Jo but for her patient, as well. People deal with loss differently, some become angry, some fight, some laugh, and some flee completely. But the pain is real to each one who experiences loss.Going into season 15, Jackson has Harriet and a new relationship with Maggie, which means he doesn't need to face things alone anymore. Jo has Alex and no longer has to worry about Paul, her abusive ex-husband. And maybe Meredith will be able to find love again, but if not, she always has her kids who she loves with her whole heart and her people who are always there for her. Death might be inevitable, but life and love are, too. If you look for it, you will find it. Season 15 will be the season to bring a whole lot of love to a whole lot of people.\n","id":45247368,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247368\/Season-11-Episode-23-She-Leaving-Home-Part-2","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 11, Episode 23: \"She's Leaving Home Part 2\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/xcW3_vP0Kmfx9V-ICCJYs8WxFQo\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/814\/n\/1922729\/b96a8e6f88edfd3b_ALEX_MERS_PERSON\/i\/Season-12-Episode-9-Sound-Silence.gif","title":"Season 12, Episode 9: \"The Sound of Silence\"","intro_text":false,"body":"Another common theme of the show is being there for the people we care about and love. In this episode, Meredith is attacked by a patient in a postictal state following a seizure. Her people are all there for her; they've got her. The extent of the injuries is extreme, and Meredith is left without her most basic functions, needing to rely on those around her. Meredith can't talk because her mouth is wired shut, she can't hear because her eardrums were ruptured, and she is physically unable to move for weeks while her body heals. But even after all of that, she is no longer dark and twisty; she is the sun, and her people are there for her. \nAmelia Shepherd relapses, thinking it was her fault Meredith was attacked. She blames herself for not coming for a consult when Meredith asked her to and thinks she could have stopped the attack from happening. Although Meredith admits to being not ready to forgive her, she is there for Amelia even if it's just the simplest gesture of keeping her sobriety chip. The struggle Amelia faces in this episode helps us understand what she is going through with baby Leo's mom this past season and going into season 15.While Meredith was recovering, she saw things she normally wouldn't notice, like how Jo cares about Alex. Meredith has changed over the years and now looks at love as a gift, something which has continued long after her husband's death. And Alex is her person, who she has vowed to be there for. She tells Alex, \"Jo loves you. Post-it on the wall loves you,\" opening Alex's eyes to just how much Jo means to him. Since Alex and Jo are going to guide us into the Season of Love, I'd like to think we have bedridden Meredith to thank for that.\n","id":45247371,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247371\/Season-12-Episode-9-Sound-Silence","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 12, Episode 9: \"The Sound of Silence\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/vNgKO6n66xaNmn7UYE_Ys3-tcKY\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/816\/n\/1922729\/7bf3a170dfb7d523_alex_locked_up\/i\/Season-13-Episode-1-Undo.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/xbDAamkW771n-0YzfuSJ3iEOcdM\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/816\/n\/1922729\/7bf3a170dfb7d523_alex_locked_up\/i\/Season-13-Episode-1-Undo.jpg","title":"Season 13, Episode 1: \"Undo\"","intro_text":false,"body":"You can't take back the things you've done, you can only choose to do what's right to fix them. Following Alex finding Andrew DeLuca and Jo together at their apartment \u2014 and beating him to within inches of life \u2014 Alex comes in with DeLuca to the ER. After finding out what happened, Meredith covers for Alex, showing he is still her person no matter how many times he screws up or starts going back to his old ways. Meredith knows he has changed, but when Maggie finds out that she was covering for Alex, it tests the trust of their sisterhood.When Alex tries to apologize to DeLuca, DeLuca becomes scared for his life and starts to panic. Alex feels so badly and knows that he can't take back what he did, so he turns himself in to the police to show everyone that he has changed. Meredith has to apologize to Maggie for keeping it from her that she knew what Alex had done all along. She broke the trust of her sister, but now knows that having another sister is rare, and she must do everything to make it right. \nThis episode is so pivotal because we see a side of Alex that proves he has become a better man thanks to Jo. With her by his side, \"evil spawn\" is no more. It also shows that Meredith has learned so much from her loss, you don't get many chances with the people that you love, they can leave you at any moment. Cherish the time you have with them while you have it, and don't let anything get in the way.\n","id":45247384,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: ABC","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/45247352\/image\/45247384\/Season-13-Episode-1-Undo","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Grey-Anatomy-Episodes-Watch-Before-Season-15-45247352","share_text":"Season 13, Episode 1: \"Undo\"","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"TVGrey's Anatomy","embed_html":"","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Tdtz87HWy4F95lT5Z9jW1lACaaw\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2018\/09\/10\/816\/n\/1922729\/3ff2739e191e6ce3_jacksonmaggie_M


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