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DBSK A Millionaires First Love OST 20 Insa ~UPD~

Insa: The Heartbreaking Song from DBSKs A Millionaires First Love OST

If you are a fan of Korean dramas and movies, you might have heard of A Millionaires First Love, a 2006 romance film starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee. The movie tells the story of a rich and arrogant heir who falls in love with a sweet and innocent girl who has a terminal illness. The movie is full of emotional moments and twists that will make you cry and smile.

DBSK A Millionaires First Love OST 20 Insa

One of the most memorable aspects of the movie is its soundtrack, which features songs by various artists, including DBSK, one of the most popular K-pop groups at the time. DBSK, also known as TVXQ, is a five-member boy band that debuted in 2003 and rose to fame with their catchy songs and impressive vocals. They have sold over 10 million records in Korea and Japan, and have won numerous awards and accolades.

DBSK contributed two songs to the A Millionaires First Love OST: Insa and Remember. Insa, which means farewell in Korean, is a ballad that expresses the feelings of the main character as he says goodbye to his first love. The song showcases DBSKs powerful and harmonious voices, as well as their emotional delivery. The lyrics are poignant and touching, reflecting the theme of the movie: Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart.

Insa was composed by Kim Hyung Suk, a famous Korean composer who has worked with many artists such as BoA, Rain, SG Wannabe, and more. He also composed Remember, another song by DBSK for the same OST. Insa was arranged by Park Chang Hyun, who also arranged many other songs by DBSK such as Hug, Rising Sun, Mirotic, and more.

Insa was released as part of the A Millionaires First Love OST on February 9, 2006. The OST also featured songs by other artists such as Kim Ah Joong, Jang Hye Jin, Lee Soo Young, 8eight, and more. The OST was well-received by fans and critics alike, and ranked high on various music charts. Insa was especially popular among DBSK fans, who praised the song for its beautiful melody and lyrics.

You can listen to Insa by DBSK on YouTube or SoundCloud. You can also watch A Millionaires First Love on various streaming platforms if you want to enjoy the movie and its soundtrack. If you are looking for a romantic and tear-jerking movie with a great OST, you should definitely check out A Millionaires First Love and Insa by DBSK. c481cea774


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