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Kingdom Quest: An Epic Open World RPG Adventure for Android

Kingdom Quest 2, an open world fantasy RPG set in a fantastic realms. Your hero is The Crimson Warden, one of the King's elite men that has been tasked by the king himself to protect people of the north from an orc invasion. Go on a fantastic journey to face hundreds of enemies and try to upgrade your hero's skills & stats to fight better.

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Here in Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG, Android gamers can explore the incredible 3D open world with its amazing fantasy themes. Have fun discovering the beautiful 3D environment with amazing visual experiences and stunning landscapes. Plus, the dynamic and interactive surroundings will also promote your presences within the game. Experience incredible in-game combats with powerful animations, realistic visual effects, and accurate physics. All of which will keep you hooked to the game.

The Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG adventure also features an un-locked map with a wide range of places to explore. This allows players to freely move throughout the game's expansive world and unlock new areas with specific tasks. Players can also battle random enemies and open up hidden areas thanks to the game's mini map. Those who are interested can also benefit from the game's intuitive mechanics and helpful mini map.

Starting this list with anything other than Genshin Impact would be unthinkable. The game by miHoYo broke all the schemes after its launch and has already hooked millions of players around the world. This open-world video game for Android and PC stands out from the first moment due to its visuals. In addition to its beautiful graphics, each of its updates bring in new elements, and the huge number of characters, weapons, and other collectible gachas make this game a delight for the senses. [Download]

The open-world genre of gaming has had a sharp rise in prominence over the last decade. Games like Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Minecraft were all released in the early 2010s and helped to pave the way for open-world games to be pushed into the forefront of the gaming industry.

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Along with fetch quests, NPC interactions, and looting, one common theme of the open-world genre is combat, as most games task players with overcoming some type of enemy force. Though conquering evil is all well and good, it can get tiresome. Sometimes gamers just want to play at their own pace, without the threat of raiders, zombies, aliens, or whatever else popping up looking for a fight. Thankfully, there are a handful of open-world games that solely offer puzzle-solving, social interaction, or simple exploration.

Updated April 11, 2023, by Ritwik Mitra:Open-world gaming has become all the rage in modern times, with players loving the idea of getting lost in vast and detailed game worlds that are full to the brim with secrets and quests. A common trait across most open-world games is the inclusion of combat, with players being encouraged to seek out enemies and beat them down to gain everything from loot to experience. However, not all open-world games need to follow this template, with the following games being great examples of open-world video games with little to no combat whatsoever.

The Assassin's Creed franchise originated in 2008 and has gone on to become a cornerstone of open-world gaming. The series began under the banner of stealth and action adventure, but since the release of Assassin's Creed Origins, the franchise has started to transition into the action-RPG genre.

It's been nearly 10 years since Minecraft first hit stores. The game is still going strong today, thanks to continuous improvement and updates that make the game almost unrecognizable from its original state. The open-world game is filled with enemies to kill in Survival mode, but the popular Creative mode removes such hazards.

Prideful Sloth's open-world adventure Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles was initially released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017 before coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the years that followed.

After the player's ship crashes onto an island, Yonder tasks players with helping the inhabitants by clearing a substance called Murk. The gameplay predominantly centers around fetch quests. Though this may sound tedious, exploring the Breath of the Wild-like game world can provide hours of simplistic enjoyment.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is, in some ways, the ultimate open-world game, as it lets players travel around the entire earth. Players can soar past Big Ben, ascend Mount Everest, and explore the seven wonders of the world.

Forza Horizon 5 continued the Forza Horizon series' excellent track record of providing players with incredibly well-designed open worlds to explore that are varied, meticulously detailed, and simply stunning to look at.

From one racing game to another, Need For Speed: Underground 2 differentiates itself from its peers by being released nearly 20 years ago now. The game was developed by Electronic Art's former subsidiary EA Black Box and is credited today for its influence on open-world gaming.

Underground 2's open world was far from its only selling point, however, as the game also features a fantastic range of customization options and a great range of game modes. Truth be told, any list of the best video games without combat could be entirely populated by open-world racing games if one were so inclined.

Tequila Works' puzzle game Rime was released on all major systems in 2017. The third-person adventure is yet another combatless open-world game that opts to strand its players on a mysterious island. Rime then tasks players with solving environmental puzzles by moving objects, shouting, or singing.

With an impressive Nintendo Switch Metascore of 88 and an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam, Adam Robinson-Yu's A Short Hike was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2019. The game's main quest requires the player to jump, swim and glide through the open world to find a collection of Golden Feathers.

2009's The Sims 3 saw a significant shift in playstyle for the series. The game broke down its predecessor's linear walls in favor of an open world to explore. Exploring the game's town is a joy and is the main reason why The Sims 3 is the most beloved entry in the franchise.

Obduction was well-received by critics. It received praise for the game's atmosphere, its constant unsettling sense of not-belonging, and its well-designed collection of puzzles. For those who love open-world games but don't enjoy combat, Obduction is an excellent choice.

Eastshade is a relaxing, visually impressive open-world game developed by the suitably named Eastshade Studios. The game starts with a bit of a bang. Once again, the player is on the wrong end of a boat crash, but the game soon finds a far more meditative pace.

With an easel and canvas by their side, players travel the world of Eastshade and paint the scenery and environments around them. The game isn't just a painting simulator, however. Players can also receive quests from NPCs and brew a multitude of tea flavors.

It's advertised as offering over 60 hours of content, so you'll have plenty of time to lose yourself in its frenetic combat system and open world. The Legendary Edition contains all the DLCs, so we recommend picking this over the base game.

Awaken after hundreds of years of slumber, weakened and thirsty for blood. Gather a clan of allies online or play the part of the lone wolf as you explore a vast open world of dark horrors and, worse: the deadly sunlight. Raise a mighty castle worthy of your name, and convert the most promising humans into thralls to serve within it.

When winning, players will be rewarded with valuable rewards, including equipment, money and other vital resources. Defeating a legendary boss boosts fame and personal achievement and opens up new opportunities to explore the world in Dunidle and continue a challenging adventure.


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